Welcome to NC wine challenge! We’re so glad to have you as our reader. Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Maria Ryan. I was born and raised in Maryland in the Washington DC area. My father wasn’t much of a wine drinker, but to my mom wine was a way of life. It was more than just a drink. Dinners weren’t complete without it. From a very young age (too young to admit!) I was served watered down wine with meals so that I could appreciate the ways that food and wine flavors complemented each other. Don’t go on a frenzy now, it’s not like I was getting drunk as a child!

Learning from a young age how these flavors interacted with one another, complementing or antagonizing each other, was really a huge formative experience that taught me how to treat food and wine pairings with respect. The right choice can make an otherwise unremarkable meal, while the wrong choice can ruin even a fantastic dish. If you get everything right though, what you’ll experience is bliss.

I am the primary content contributor here at NC Wine. It is my brain child, after all. My husband Eric may post from time to time. His wine knowledge is impressive even by my standards, but he is busy with his life as a sommelier.

At any rate, this site is not only about wine. Our main vision is to entertain like-minded folks. We hope that if you like wine as much as we do, then you’ll also like to read the kinds of things that we read, and be interested in the types of issues that we’re interested in. If you like what you’re reading, please let us know! We could use the encouragement.

Best wishes,

Marie Ryan